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Discover LPG Endermologie at Belle Moi

Welcome to the forefront of aestheticinnovation – LPG Endermologie®, a natural and gentle technique that revolutionizes skin mobilization to elicit deep physiological responses.

LPG Endermologie® is the only 100% natural, non-invasive, non-aggressive mechanical skin stimulation technique that reactivates cells’ processes. This non-invasive contouring treatment is tailored toto address various unaesthetic manifestations, including wrinkles, sagging skin, localized resistant fat, and cellulite.


Key Benefits

✨Targeted Slimming: Endermologie® precisely targets and slims stubborn areas resistant to diet and exercise, adapting to your skin’s unique needs.

✨Smooth Cellulite: Combat cellulite effectively! Our treatment addresses fat storage and water retention, targeting cellulite that affects 90% of women.

✨Toned Skin: Restore skin tonicity and suppleness! Endermologie® counters the effects of weight fluctuations, pregnancies, and time, focusing on areas prone to sagging.

✨Lighten Legs: Alleviate leg discomfort! Improve blood and lymphatic circulation to reduce symptoms like heavy legs and swelling, promoting overall well-being.

✨Well-being Boost: Experience exclusive treatments that offer unmatched efficiency and relaxation, enhancing your overall well-being.

Personalized to Your Needs:

LPG Endermologie® is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our treatments are precisely adapted to the needs of each skin type, ensuring optimal results tailored to your unique requirements

Our Exclusive Offerings: 

  • Certified Expertise
    • All our staff are LPG Certified, ensuring expertise in the renowned French- developed technology 
  • Extended Sessions
    • Our sessions last a luxurious 55 minutes, maximizing the benefits for you 
  • LPG Tracking
    • Utilizing the exclusive LPG Scan Application, we track and verify your progress comprehensively 

Timeless Wellness:

For over 30 years, LPG Endermologie has been embraced as a lifestyle by women, offering painless, 100% natural treatments with instant results and no side effects.

At Belle Moi Wellness Center, we pride ourselves on offering the only 100% natural, non-invasive, and non-aggressive mechanical skin stimulation technique that reactivates cellular processes, bringing you closer to radiant, toned skin. 

Whether you seek targeted fat reduction, cellulite smoothing, or overall skin rejuvenation, LPG Endermologie offers a safe, natural, and effective solution. Step into a world where beauty meets wellness with LPG Endermologie – your key to unlocking radiant skin and a beautifully contoured body.

Schedule your consultation today and embark on a journey to rediscover your natural beauty with LPG Endermologie. 

Packages & Pricing

Advanced LPG Endermologie ( 55 Minutes )


1 Session

$ 170

Package of 5 Sessions

$ 750

Package of 10 Sessions

$ 1,350

Package of 15 Sessions

$ 1,845

Advanced LPG Endermologie( 30 Minutes )


1 Session

$ 92

Package of 8 Sessions

$ 699


Does Endermologie really work?
Yes, it does work, as demonstrated over the past 12 years in thousands of case studies from around the world. It was enough proof for the FDA to authorize the manufacturer to claim a temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite. The FDA is renown for its strictest scientific standards worldwide.
How many treatments can I have in one week?
The average number of treatments is two per week. If you are simultaneously in the process of losing a significant amount of weight or if you have a long-term problematic cellulite condition, one treatment per week is recommended. More than two sessions per week will not bring faster results.
How many sessions before i see results?
Usually people see changes within 5 or 6 sessions, but 14 are the average number of suggested treatments. Monthly maintenance sessions are suggested thereafter.
Does Endermologie help me lose weight?
No, the Endermologie machine has not been proven to help with weight loss. The FDA allows the following claims in relation to beauty: to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite and to reduce circumferential body measurements in cellulite- treated areas, it is not a weight- loss device. In fact, the results of Endermologie will likely be enhanced if you are at your ideal body weight.
Does this replace exercise?
No. In fact, it is highly recommended that you add diet and exercise to the routine you follow while undergoing Endermologie treatments. In most cases, this improves results.
Does this treatment work on men also?
Definitely. Our clinical experience has shown excellent results for problem areas such as "love handles" and loose pectoral tissue.
Does the machine tone the skin?
Clients have been thrilled with the results, and have themselves also claimed an improvement in skin tone and appearance of stretch marks. Such claims, while entirely subjective and not documented by medical evidence, nonetheless demonstrate the extent of patient satisfaction.
Why are bodysuits worn when receiving treatments?
Bodysuits allow the Endermologie treatment head to glide more easily over the body and ensures optimal hygiene.
What is the difference between Endermologie and liposuction? Can it be used instead of liposuction?
Endermologie, unlike liposuction, does not involve breaking through the skin in any way. Some people try Endermologie first and then choose to wait to receive liposuction. Some chose to receive both as part of a dual treatment to their problem. Endermologie is being used and studied by some of the most well-known practitioners of liposuction in the world.
What sensations will I experience during the treatment?
The sensation is similar to a deep massage. Most clients find it quite pleasant. The strength of the treatment can be individually adjusted to your comfort level.
What will I feel afterwards?
Most clients report a feeling of relaxation and increase in energy. Since the Lymph system is stimulated, it is important for the success of your treatment that you drink at least two liters of water everyday during the duration of your treatment in order to aid in elimination.
Can i receive treatments if I am pregnant?
No correlation has been found between Endermologie and complications in pregnancy. However, it is recommended that during pregnancy you do NOT receive treatments.
Can I have Endermologie treatments if I'm planning to have liposuction?
Yes! Endermologie is recommended by many plastic surgeons before and after liposuction (especially after). Endermologie counteracts the rippling and hard fat deposits that can occur with liposuction.
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